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Understanding psychological concepts has a profound and lasting impact on our lives as adults, and the same rings true for our children. Being exposed to ideas such as self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotion regulatory techniques provide an early mastery of important skillsets and opportunities to practice healthy social habits. Children, adolescents, and teenagers can use these tips and methods to better their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships for the better with the guidance of their parents or caregivers. 


Within this page, we'll provide videos with information for parents and their young curious minds. We'll also provide insight for parents-to-be looking for guidance in those early months and years. Besides the books you can browse through from our experts on their speaker pages, we'll also provide books that are evidence-based and supported by science, where child behavior and development is of focus. 

We hope that you can use these resources as not only a way for you to help your child but also for you to understand your child on a deeper level.


For Our
Curious Little Minds

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