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An academic series presenting captivating psychological findings from professors, researchers, and graduate students aimed to inspire, spark conversation, and cultivate curiosity.

Featured - Episode 08

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Heuristics, also known as "mental shortcuts", and cognitive biases are phenomena that we all experience. Sometimes they can cloud our judgement and, thus, our decision-making processes negatively. Our biases might influence severe preferences towards in-groups versus out-groups, for example against foreigners or for people similar to us. Heuristics, if used incorrectly, can elicit bad judgement calls, especially in how we interpret and engage with others socially. Essentially, heuristics and biases are innate cognitive functions, yet are we knowledgeable enough to maintain their influence on our lives? Dr. Tom Gilovich provides rich insight into what they are, how they impact us, and what we can do to get a hold on them. 

Dr. Tom Gilovich
Heuristics & Cognitive Biases

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