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The Mind Society is a speaker series focusing on psychological research findings where discussions with professors and researchers are aimed to inspire, spark conversation, and cultivate curiosity.


And we're back for a second season of The Mind Society! The next part of our journey will branch us out beyod the United States' northeastern region, away from the Ivies, and towards different regions domestically, across borders and big ponds to different continents, to hear from international psychological scholars conducting profound research. Our aim is to share what these experts have been investigating and, thus, what they've discovered. We'll cover topics such as how food plays a role in our mood, how cultural differences affect the way we interpret and engage with people from other cultures, and we'll delve deep into the impact our emotions have on our experience of the world around us. All of this and so much more! We look forward to sharing these conversations and are excited for you to come along for the ride. 

Listen to season two's trailer and season one's episodes using the buttons below.

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The Mind Society: Season Two Trailer
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Season Two 

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