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The Mind Society is a speaker series focusing on the newest psychological research findings where discussions with professors and researchers are aimed to inspire, spark conversation, and cultivate curiosity.

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Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), established by Dr. Albert Ellis in the mid-20th century, marks a significant shift in psychotherapy. scientifically backed psychotherapeutic method is known for its straightforward and practical approach, filled with accessible tools and techniques that don't require extraordinary intellect to grasp. The key lies in understanding its framework and, more critically, in applying these principles effectively.Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis, the wife of the late-Dr. Albert Ellis and a leading proponent and practitioner of REBT, continues to disseminate this approach at Columbia University. She educates future psychologists about this method, sharing its valuable techniques to nurture more competent and holistic professionals in the field. In our upcoming episode, listeners will have the opportunity to delve into this knowledge, gaining insights into advanced psychological methods, paralleling the learning experience of Columbia University students and her clients.

Listen for many practical tips!

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